In-App Purchases

Seeds compels spending on mobile through the power of social good.

We channel microtransactions made in apps and games
into interest-bearing microloans made in the developing world,
helping developers and entrepreneurs alike.

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Do More Good

Integrating Seeds into your game or app increases purchase rates while providing users an opportunity to engage in social good.

Easy Integration

Our simple integration process and hands-on support enable developers to get Seeds into their games in minutes.

Results Driven

Seeds Analytics allows developers and executives to see how Seeds impacts in-app purchases in real time.

How It Works

diagram showing the flow of how it works diagram showing the flow of how it works

The Developer Experience

The Developer

John is a game developer. His game, Hippo Invasion, is getting really successful. However, he can’t seem to get more than 6% of users to buy his in-app purchases to support his game development! He visits the Seeds website and is able to integrate the Seeds Unity SDK in only about 20 minutes.

John reaches out to Seeds to help him create a custom user experience for Seeds purchases in Hippo Invasion. Seeds is happy to help. John also knows that if he ever runs into any issues, he can check the FAQ or reach out to Seeds for 1-on-1 support with his implementation.

Now, with Seeds implemented, users that never used to spend money in his app are making their first purchases! John is surprised to see that these first-time buyers continue to make more purchases and are more engaged with the game as well! Seeds also helps to promote John's game, allowing him to reach new users he may not have otherwise found.

The User Experience

The User Experience

Karen is a mobile gamer that plays Hippo Invasion. She’s never made an in-app purchase, but one day, a message pops up in the game. She sees that a portion of her in-app purchase goes to microloans for entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Karen has been struggling to beat the level that she’s on and now, she doesn’t have to feel guilty about purchasing a booster to do it! She makes the purchase, beats the level, and helps an entrepreneur in a developing country.

Karen feels good about the beating the level and she feels good about being a part of something meaningful. Her good feelings about Hippo Invasion grow, and she is happy to support it with longer gameplay and more in-app purchases.

The Social Good

The Social Good

Tebogo is a farmer in Kenya. She doesn’t have access to traditional banks nearby and she doesn’t have a traditional credit score, but she needs a loan to purchase supplies so that she will have crops to sell. Because of contributions from Hippo Invasion and other games that have implemented Seeds, she is able to go to a reputable partner lender and get the loan that she needs.

Through hard work and the support of microloans, her crops grow and so does her business! Tebogo’s success story is one of many that help her entire country’s economy. She is able to support herself, buy nutritious food for her family, and send her children to school. Tebogo's success story is one of many that help her entire country's economy.

We All Win

The Details
  • Hippo Invasion sends Seeds 30% of only the purchases with Seeds messaging, and keeps 100% of all of their other in-app sales.
  • On average, a user will spend $25 more in your game after her first purchase.
  • Seeds keeps half of the funding, funneling the remaining half into microloans made in the developing world. As our cash flows grow, we look forward to funnelling higher percentages of this funding directly to borrowers.
  • So, when a $1 Seeds purchase is made, the App Store keeps 30 cents, and 21 cents comes to Seeds. Seeds moves half of that funding to our microlending partners, who take care of managing the loans. When the loans are repaid, the interest comes back to Seeds (typically a 10% annualized rate).
  • Tebogo pays the loan back right on time and Seeds can then funnel the capital to another entrepreneur in need of a leg up, and our collective impact grows! It's a win-win-win.

By the Numbers

In addition to providing a mechanism for social good, Seeds is the perfect system for increasing your game's revenue!*


80% of social good purchases are from first-time buyers.


After inital purchase, players make an average of 12.4 more purchases and spend in-line with average LTV.


63% of first-time buyers through social good items continued purchasing non-social good items


27% of social good buyers make another purchase within 30 days.


7x the virality on social channels


79% increase in clickthrough

*(based on social-good motivated purchases data)

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