In-App Purchases

Through the power of social good, Seeds increases end-user in-app purchases and makes first-time purchases happen faster

enabling them to go even further by funding real-world microlending where it's needed most.


Do More Good

Integrating Seeds into your game or app increases purchase rates while providing users an opportunity to engage in social good.

Easy Integration

Our simple integration process and hands-on support enable developers to get Seeds into their games in minutes.

Results Driven

Seeds Analytics allows developers and executives to see how Seeds impacts in-app purchases in real time.

How It Works


Developers and Organizations sign up for the Seeds Developers' Circle, which includes SDKs, API, Documentation, and Hands-On support.


With our quick and simple integration process and hands-on support, we'll have you up and running in no time.


Publish your Seeds update and start collecting Seeds in-app purchases!

Make A Difference

Each time a user makes a Seeds purchase, a portion of the proceeds is contributed towards funding a microloan for a real-world entrepreneur in a developing country.


Watch your revenue grow with Seeds Analytics, continued support, and the power of social good.

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Why You'll Love Seeds

In addition to providing a mechanism for social good, Seeds is the perfect system for increasing your game's revenue!*


80% of social good purchases are from first-time buyers.


After inital purchase, players make an average of 12.4 more purchases and spend in-line with average LTV.


63% of first-time buyers through social good items continued purchasing non-social good items


27% of social good buyers make another purchase within 30 days.


7x the virality on social channels


79% increase in clickthrough

*(based on Zynga social-good motivated purchases data)

Compatible Systems

Don't see your system here? Contact us - we may be able to help you out!

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And create meaningful change with your in-app purchases.

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